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This site is primarily about men in skirts but does cover other aspects of gender issues even those not directly affected by me. These are my views, factual, informative and to me balanced and fair.

I'll talk about related discrimination and inequalities in this respect as too in the main area of this site about men in skirts compared to womens demands with regards clothing choice in this modern era.

With gender issues I'm Egalitarian - "believe in the principle that people are equal and deserve equal rights/opportunities".

I do not presume 100% understanding from others. What is in life if you look at it without blinkered vision. Since going public with skirt wearing in 2011 I have had no direct physical negativity. The vast majority just pass by or engage at the time with no reference either way. I do get a small minority, it is small minority, who make negative body language, giggle or make it known they are talking about me and these are 99% women in male style clothing. I get far more compliments and positive reference than the negative. What might be said away from me, well does'nt that apply to many aspects of life. I certainly have private thoughts on others only showing disdain if I receive it. I stand by mutual respect and tolerance. 

With regards men in skirts and other clothing society insist on labelling as womens but anywear for women, if anyone questions a womans clothing choice or appearance uproar follows. It is seen as questioning the woman, denying her rights. It questions the woman as being a individual, true to herself. Swap it around to a man and the complete opposite stance is taken by soicety and this happens in many other areas of life not just clothing.

How much of the women's wardrobe these days takes on the style, appearance even actual physical items from the wardrobe which society confines men too? How many of these items specifically designed for men decades ago now are considered unisex items? Jeans, t-shirts to name but two. Unisex items designed in other westernised countries here in UK adopted as female only? Above all how much of what a woman insists and expects to wear without question or ridicule compared to men? If a man moves into the female wardrobe he's a crossdresser but not for women. It is the usual society hypocriscy and bigotry which occurs in many aspects of life especially with gender expectation or desires.

 It is considered Domestic Violence, if a partner questions her clothing or appearance even abuse, if by a third party, yet it is fair game for many women to do the same about men even by their partners. Even the UN aligns itself in this area and the EU claims 33% of women in Europe suffer Domestic Violence and includes negaitvity towards their clothing choice.

There is an internet forum for men who were skirts or other clothing assigned by society as womens wear. On this forum many men say their partners/wives forbid them breaking the labels and expectations of men in clothing yet they themselves embrace the full freedom of choice now available to women at one time denied by society.

It is human intelligence. I cover this and the religious comments in far more detail on this site. Freedom of choice and expression, not just in clothing/appearance applies equally to both genders in this modern era. If labels and stereotyping are not allowed for women then the same applies to men. You do not have gender equality otherwise. If men are still to be labelled and stereotyped in clothing and appearance then the same must and should apply to women.

If a man wears a skirt of other clothing society labels as womens wear he therefore must be a cross dresser, who really is the crossdresser. The modern woman in jeans, other styles of trousers, shoes, ties, hats etc that men are confined to or men like me? Is it not the men in trousers, jeans, shoes, ties hats etc that the vast majority of women now wear at one time frowned upon by society as it was mens wear? If I am a crossdresser surely I would not wear clothing as depicted on this site!

Is society tolerant and respectful? In certain quarters some members are but listening and monitoring society across the spectrum of life over many years I consider society is tolerant and respectful in words only, and with regards actions depending upon the situation or so long as it suits their ethos and demands in life.


A few interesting quotes:


"There's no sin like being a woman. When a man dresses as a woman, the audience laughs. When a woman dresses like a man, no body laughs. They just thought she looked wonderful."

Quentin Crisp 1908 - 1999


As Archbishop Desmund Tutu said "I am because you are" applying the philosophy of Ubuntu.


"...taboos can change swiftly..." and " societies of everywhere, we mock the taboos of others yet fail to see the absurdity of our own..."

18th July, 2014  Anne Atkins Thought for the Day - BBC Radio 4.


" don't need human rights until you need them. Everybody loves their own human rights; it's just other people's that are problematic."

25th October 2014 Shami Chakrabarti part of an interview with The Independent Magazine.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind"

Bernard M Baruch: 1870 - 1965


 "It is better to be hated for what you are than be loved for what you are not"

Andre Gide: 1869 - 1951


"Evolution has yet to transend that simple barrier. We can care deeply, selflessly about those we know but that empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight" 

From the film Interstella 2015



I am a supporter of inequalities and discrimination of either gender. This site tends to support mens issues more due to socities & media obsession with talking about womens yet ignore mens. I support campigners who try to get legitimate mens issues on the main equality discussion table even if they do not directly affect me. I do not support either men or women who are sexist in behaviour & language. I support true gender equality which is only achieved by inclusion of all and for all.