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As Archbishop Desmund Tutu said "I am because you are" applying the philosophy of Ubuntu.


"...taboos can change swiftly..." and " societies of everywhere, we mock the taboos of others yet fail to see the absurdity of our own..."

18th July, 2014  Anne Atkins Thought for the Day - BBC Radio 4.


" don't need human rights until you need them. Everybody loves their own human rights; it's just other people's that are problematic."

25th October 2014 Shami Chakrabarti part of an interview with The Independent Magazine.


"Evolution has yet to transend that simple barrier. We can care deeply, selflessly about those we know but that empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight" 

From the film Interstella 2015


Women in trousers and other male style clothing are not questioned or challenged. Seen as a womans right, her equality, freedom etc. Same for women looking behaving and attitudes like men. It's normal, it's acceptable. She is empowering herself, expressing herself, being an individual. Swap it around and the complete opposite applies for men. He is a queer and the many other such terms used. Dysphoric, gay, trying to be a woman, transvestite yet all the same reasons should apply to the man as it does for women. This is only about clothing, yet society has many discrepencies between the genders for what one can do, get, achieve, expect but to hear the rehetoric out in society only women suffer, have discrimination and denied rights. They do in certain areas of life but so too do men, clothing choice being one. I have a small section on this site about the gender battles of misogyny/misandry and raise a few examples of male discrimination. The main aspect of this site is the discrimination towards men in clothing freedom compared to women.

You want to follow the human herd instinct, behaviour, attitude etc go ahead. With regards clothing choice, me and men like me are individuals, true individuals to ourselves. Are you? Unlike many in society, especially women, we haven't forgotten how others have been able to claim rights denied or in the case of women now in male style clothing how this freedom and priviledge came to be for them.Have you?

I feel very strongly that within this era of gender equality, freedom of choice/expression within clothing, as it is in many other aspects of society, is equally applicable to both genders and not just the female gender. The pages on this site are long but please read them even if you do not agree with men in skirts. It may not make you reconsider, but they will let you know about me, why I do and why myself and other men like me should have full freedom of choice and expression in clothes as women now have but were once denied. Also clothes are just clothes and only the persons personality and ethos of life defines them.

I'm a believer in true equality, womens rights and mens rights, not one sided opinionated preferences by either gender to suit their own personal views. My freedom of choice to wear what I want, when I want as a man is just one of those rights, just like for women who are now in male style clothing. This site is dedicated to that right and to encourage other men if they so wish. I am an individual and provided I am not doing others physical harm, have as much right, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, respect and equality within the laws of society as the next person, be it man or woman. And this includes Freedom of Speech.

You don't know me, so do you, like the majority of public, have preconceived thoughts, beliefs and say what you perceive is right in many aspects of life as only what you want or need for yourself. Are you one of the many who listen to your 'friends' or aquaintences one sided version of how they believe society should be and act on that only, with no regard to others thoughts or beliefs. Don't be suprised to find that others have beliefs, views and opinions and that can also be about you! If no physical harm is being done to others why should it be a problem and why should you decide about another!

Try telling the modern generation woman what she must wear, or even how you expect her to behave within a society expected norm and see what reply you get. 

Others accept what they want to see for themselves but rebuke what they do not want to see for others or try to understand.011FrontPage

I wear skirts as well as trousers where either is practical or more sensible in my everyday wardrobe and I do not need your blessing or even understanding. I have yet to met anyone who has asked me how I feel or expect them to behave with what they do within their life and why should I. This photo here is of me but all the women in the background embrace modern acceptance of womens appearance & clothing. The three directly behind were fine with me by the way as too everybody else I met at that location and throughout the day.

It is simply down to choice. Some have it, others don't, in clothing and many aspects of life indoctrinated by society, it's labels, stereotype and gender bashing whilst saying "gender equality in this modern era". It's human 'intelligence'!

I wear skirts, and other clothing as depicted in the photos of me within my gallery on this site out of choice and preference. Exactly the same for modern women who these days embrace "any wear". Within my life I prefer character, personality and pride in myself and for me my choice has far more than the standard boring dull male clothing that society still labels as only for men. At the end of the day clothes are just clothes. Like many individuals who pride themselves as being individuals, I learn many practical, life necessities and individuality via enlightenment and do not get obsessed with society labels and stereotyping. Others achieve the same for themselves in other ways and that's fine even if I do not understand or wish to follow. Society wants to get obsessed with its labels and stereotypying not just in clothes but only for some, not for others. Many laugh, or mock others openly and publicly because they are different and expect them to change to their preferences.

A man in a skirt or other clothing not labelled by society as "male only" is considered as dysphoric. Basically an emotional state characterised by anxiety, depression or unease. This is never said of women when they expect full unhindered freedom of choice and individuaity. This is simply because of society both men and women who need to make an issue of a man expressing his freedom of choice when over the latter decades women on the whole have had to fight to get any acknowledgment and not just in clothing. Yes I have labelled women here so by now I am misogynist to add to the list or definition. What is male only clothing? - clothing that a man can only wear in this modern era but also worn and, expected to be worn by women. This site covers more on this unequal labelling of men not women in this modern era with regards clothing. If a man who is breaking, challenging the society norms and labels of men makes him dysphoric then the same applies to women. Women have now, by challenge, dropped their society labels of dress code to a point society now considers this as normal. IT DIDN'T INITIALLY. Also if society by its acceptance of 'any wear' for women is because it acknowledges it was wrong to suppress women in clothing (also in many other aspects of life) then surely as we are so often told we learn from our mistakes. Why is society applying the same mistakes here and making modern men go through the same issues that women had when they started to move into what is still labelled as mens clothing for men? One of many soicety double standards within life which this site also touches on.

Men in skirts is absolutely no different to women in trousers and the adoption of many or even all of the male wardrobe, mainly since the early 1990's. There is no concern or question mark on the female person, character, integrity or even mental state of health. There is no question about them becoming or changing to a man and there shouldn't be as they are still women. They are celebrated, welcomed, congratulated on their individuality, freedom of expression and exercising their rights. But for a man... 

Like everything in human life, due to it's intelligence, no matter what, why or reason anything becomes normal to a human once many, preferably the majority, do whatever, speak whatever and in full view of the public then you will find those that were negative, suddenly become positive. It happens in many aspects of life. Therefore any man in a skirt, male fashion breaker/trend setter, go out and do so with confidence, past history shows it will soon become acceptable once more too join the "band wagon".

Men in skirts may not be to your preference, liking or inclination. I may not like your tastes/views or some of them. Then again, it is an almost certainty that you may have your tastes/views now and be completely different in a few years for some or all of your current tastes/views so why should you be allowed to express your opinions on me or others. As long as others are doing no harm or detriment to the mechanism of society differing tastes should not be a problem. A man in a skirt or deemed womenswear clothing is doing no harm. If so, why is it not doing harm for women embracing traditional male style clothing for which men are still expected to conform to.

Why should the modern man who embraces modern ethos of understanding, tolerance, respect and equality for all, a modern man of this era not of decades/centuries past, be at the whim of beliefs or expectations of others who embrace other aspects of change of life because they choose to and/or have fought for with the belief 'we had to wait for it, so you should wait for yours'. Great progress but then we are dealing with human "intelligence" that is focused on power, dominance and selfishness. Society these days is full of those who demand, expect and will do what they believe is right and to their preference but question others who do the same.
Have you ever thought what others may think of you. Your appearance, activities and generally about your life. We all pass comment privately between partners and friends, the vast majority never make it public or known to you. It's called respecting a persons individuality.
A woman in trousers makes her no less a woman biologically, emotionally or in her life preferences. Why should it be any different to a man in a skirt? Women in male style clothing to which men are still expected to wear are never queired or referred to as being Gay/Lesbian or even questioned like are you trying to find your masculine side which one or two have asked if I'm searching for my feminine side! A woman is never referred to as a crossdresser or Transvestite even though much of womens day to day wear are the same styles as from the male attire that men are restricted to. For me it is simply freedom of choice, Freedom of Expression - A RIGHT as it is for women, comfortable to wear, character, personality and at the end of the day what I prefer. "Me, what I prefer", is this not the attitude and approach of society these days in many aspects of life?

The majority of modern women are trouser based 365/24. I cannot be a cross dresser these days if I choose to wear skirts, as to qualify for this I would wear trousers. Who is the cross dresser? Women wear without question or reason, hat styles, ties, shirt styles, trousers, shoes and sock styles traditionally worn by men a tradition that society still expects of men. A cross dresser applies to both sexes as too transvestite which was coined in the late 1800's to describe both men and women who emulated the other sex in all aspects, when in that era society had both men and women in specific roles for each and were defined very clearly in both dress, behaviour and what one could do within society. In this modern era, macho rules, and you are only "top dog" if you wear trousers. Clothing does not make you "top dog", it's you, the person.  

Why should I seek permission? What for? Do you? Do women?


"The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about" - Wayne Dyer


010FrontPageThese two women in the photo on the left here found me quite hilarious. Once passed I was aware that the woman walking away from me was trying to get a photo of me discreetly. My wife asked her not to but the woman said "why not? I'm entitled to". I immediately got my camera out and she exclaimed "your taking my photo, you cannot do that" and I replied "and why not?" She quickly turned away. They are typical of some women who find it OK for them to accept their freedom of choice that earlier females stood up for including the breaking of the labeling and stereotyping dress code of women that has now been possible for them for more than 20 years. To them it is normal and what one female tweeter posted "women have always worn trousers".  They expect men to remain in a tradition, label and stereotype of what they want.

I'm no different to women in trousers or other male style clothing that they now wear. You will realise this if you look at this site with an open mind and my blogspot. I am still a man just as women in trousers are still women but human intelligence finds this hard to cope with, about a man that is. Humans are obsessed with power, manipulation, gender bashing, gender competing. I believe in, as to my wife, in gender equality for all, not gender stereotyping as many insist, primarily towards men. Even this is hypocritical for some, especially amongst some women who want full freedom, why not, full opportunities, why not, yet restrict men to set society expectations of which men are critisied for at the same time. Some men and some women cannot cope with a man or men who like the modern women want full freedom, choice and break society stereotyping.  

If we are in this modern era to stereotype the male gender to traditional dress code, then that's fine, so long as the female gender is stereotyped to the traditional female dress code. Freedom of choice applies to all not one gender. The dress code for women since the 1980's now encompases all to a point the majority of womens clothing - except skirt/dress and certain footwear is identical to mens! This freedom of choice appears to only apply to women just like discrimination, sexism, mysogyny - never misandry - etc. A survey announced by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights on 5th March 2014 stated that about a third of all women in the EU suffer from physical and sexual abuse and reports on this survey stated that physical abuse included many items one being told what to wear and how to dress. EXCUSE ME but many, especially women state how men should dress, behave in fact many of the points raised to justify physical abuse on women. When men like myself make a stand for our freedom of choice in this modern era what do we get from some, mainly from women, riddicule back chat etc. I don't get it direct to me but body language in my presence and being noticeably side lined is enough as well as chatter on the internet especially forums like Twitter. 

Perhaps I'm wrong, mens has become identical to womens in which case who is the cross dresser? Man in a skirt or woman in trousers? Human intelligence is so fickle on virtually all subjects with labels, definitions, interpretations, reasons and justifications for what one wants for themselves or expect others to be in human society. 

"The worst kind of loneliness in the world is the isolation that comes from being misunderstood. It can make people lose their grasp on reality." From the book Inferno by Dan Brown. The closing sentences of chapter 101.

Fabulous Fashionistas, Channel 4 17-09-2013. Documentary about 6 women, with the average age of 80 years old about their dress style. Within minutes this quote was said by one

"I don't give a damn about what people think of me or the way I dress. I dress for myself becasue I like style, design and colour."

Since, 2010, after life experiences and attitudes of many this has been my approach.

Under Feminism it is now said it is normal for a woman to wear trousers and male style clothing so, under Feminism, a man in a skirt cannot be a cross dresser or a Transvestite, but a man in trousers is! Some say it is not normal for a man to wear skirts or clothing still labelled womens clothes. Perhaps the majority of men don't and have no interntion too, so in the eyes of human intelligence it is not normal compared to the masses. Human life styles continually changes through the millenia and just as much for women, eg voting, driving, careers, clothing styles etc. At the beginning there is always only a few. The problem is human intelligence and perception coupled with human ignorance and self centered attitude. It is that simple. I cover this area throughout this site including the herd instinct and the Lemming belief. I noted a tweet in March 2014 about a man in a skirt and wearing Ugg boots as well. Firstly why not, although I wouldn't, I don't like Ugg boots. Secondly, Ugg boots according to Wikipedia are of Australian/New Zealand origin and a unisex footwear. When they came into our part of the world, because they were a new style and macho in appearance they were put into womens fashion and now they are womens only wear! Another example is peoples over weight problem in the western world. That is now considered as being normal according to the Chief Medical Officer for the UK Sally Davies in her annual statement announced in March 2014 and reported by the BBC.

BBC Breakfast on 10th August 2014, while discussing with a recently enforced retired female magistrate who disagreed with the retire at 70 rule for both men and women for Magistrates and gave other examples of work and voluntary roles that had no age restriction. What caught my ear was the observation from the female presenter who said making a stand for change is only achieved by people like you who are prepared to stand up for what they believe in. It was a female presenter speaking to a female who objected to an expected retirement age, I don't hear or see the same being said for men!

I often hear the word misogyny - hatred of women - quoted when a woman or a group of women feel that they are denied what they belief is a right or others query what they do, wear etc. Very rarely do you hear misandry - hatred of men - being used in similar situations! What about hegemony - influence or control over another country, a group of people, etc. Now that is a problem within society on many aspects of life.

How has it become normal and socially acceptable for the woman of today to wear any clothing they like, style, type, dress very similar to male clothing, without question, when not to many decades ago it was not socially acceptable and pre 1920's a prisonable offence for a woman to wear trousers.?

Why in this modern era, men are critisised for not showing a modern approach to life and continue to be the males of yester year, but when a man embraces freedom of choice, equality his rights etc we get the exclamation that he is not being the "hunter gather, the provider, the protector" etc the traditional male?

We are not all perfect or correct in the eyes of another. For those of you who make these thoughts vocal, you are no different to the suppressors of women of yester year from whom change was sought.

It is claimed by some that men in skirts confuses and harms, psychologically apparently, children and influences them. Why did this not apply or happen when women ditched their traditional and expected dress code for trousers and other male style clothing not mentioning the masculine appearance these days of many women? If a man in a skirt is creating this problem then why is nothing done about drugs, alcohol abuse, smoking, behaviour etc of some footballers, celebrities etc which children look up to and follow or are inspired by.

A right to do so, and freedom of choice of expression, are these not what women state in their pursuit of attaining what they want in life under equality/feminism. 

This site is to encourage other men who feel the same to go out and wear a skirt and clothing deemed by society as womens wear to have the courage of your convictions and to be yourself, an individual, a person who has the same rights, emotions, feelings and an individual personality just like everyone else in the modern era.

Women on the whole call for and insist on no gender bias in their pursuit of Feminism and equality yet on the whole society seems to think it applies to women only. For equality and a no gender bias to exist then both men and women a like must stop assigning specific gender codes and expectations on each other. Its called tolerance and understanding something society on the whole does not have when an individual or a group expect standards from another or a group but not for themself/selves. Freedom, equality, choice and rights will never exist as long as barriers are dropped for some but not for others. For those who claim the right for freedom and to be able to express themselves they have absolutely no right to deny others the same.

I accept many men cannot carry off wearing a skirt or clothes designated by society as womens wear, besides not wanting to in the first place, but I also believe many women cannot carry off wearing trousers or clothing considered traditional mens wear.

I'm all for equality, always have been but equality is just that EQUALITY. I, and I assume others like me, do not expect men in skirts to become mainstream as trousers have since the early Nineties for women, but in a world of equality, rights, freedom of choice etc it applies to all, not just what a majority decide, provided these rights, freedom of choice and equality fall within the remit of the laws of the land which are set by the majority. A man in a skirt does and all the arguments to allow women in trousers applies in equal strength to a man in a skirt.

Women demand equality, recognition and claim the phrase evolving. Well in this modern era that applies to all. The man these days in our modern society has needed to change and for the better I add, to reflect equality, the rights of women to be equal etc. Yet the man is still expected to behave in a traditional way in many aspects of society life. Society is abound with many negative aspects of men, not just dress code. Some men qualify for this negative comment but not the majority. Society does not label all women when a minority of women gave the female gender bad publicity.

The likes of me who push the boundaries in clothing expectations are no different to the first women who wore their partners trousers, or even sex before marriage which was clearly frowned upon by society even as near as the sixties era. History and documentation proves how this was seriously frowned upon by Society despite what some may say now with the passage of time. It soon became acceptable as more and more of the young generation of the time ignored society's expectations of them. The likes of me, behind the scenes but not to my face, are questioned and called names like cross dresser, 'tranny' or the phrase "I don't understand" and mainly by women, mostly by those who embrace what is now since the early 1990's the norm for women.

I don't have a problem with wearing a skirt. If you do, then you have the problem, not me! I am confident that I know the real me, a person who has confidence with his own ethos, beliefs and sexuality. Yes I am secure in my own mind as to where I stand in that argument. A Hetrosexual male who appreciates quality not quantity and has pride in himself as a person - an individual. Are you if you question others?

It is only ignorant and narrow minded persons who deny others freedom of choice but exercise it themselves. They should all look at themselves first - their arguments for themselves apply equally to me and men like me with regards choice of clothes, but then their one sided mentality does not let them see their own hypocracy.

This site started in March 2011.

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