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Friday, 30 September 2011 21:26

Men in Skirts - Going Out in Public (2)

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Since posting my first blog on this subject, my wife and I have been to quite a few places around Northern England. My main body of my web site, Men in Skirts, gives a list of my main public outings including photographs.

We have not received any direct hostility in any form at any time. I can get change from two hands the number of people who have given a slight giggle. A similar number of strangers will pass the time of day as have when just in trousers and only one has ever raised what I was wearing, and then that was with a genuine interest.

I do get alot of momentary glances, something different has caught ones eye. Afterall we all do it when we see something 'different' even I.

I also accept that the vast majority who just let it all pass by, many will have thoughts along the line, I don't agree with that, but even if they do, they have respected my wish and just got on with life.

I do not ever engage in conversation seeking acceptance or vilification. I just do it, afterall does anyone else in Society think about others feelings when they decide to do something.

I do not wear skirts in our local area except at home Mainly at my wifes request, partly down to me. We do live in a rural community that seems to know everybodys business with their own view and interpretation and at times 'their own rules of the land'. Many are very open minded and from conversations live in the 21st century, however many are still old fashioned and very narrow minded. Passing through briefly in an area is not quite the same as living and working on top of each other.

for those of you who have negative sentiment but never engage in discussion, just remember that at one time women could not wear trousers, it was illegal and punishable with prison. When the tide turned, those women could only wear male attire. Those who have an honest recall of history will also accept that even as recently as the late 80's, early 90's the vast majority of women wore skirts majority of the time.

If women can 'evolve' as I recall one forum saying, then so too can men. If women can wear clothing traditionally assoiciated to men, then so too can men with clothing traditionally associated with women. If it does not affect the identity of the woman, why should it of a man. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

So, if any man wants to wear skirts, and in public I just have one thing to say to you: go out and do it. Wear whatever you want with confidence and pride. Don't women. Don't, talk negatively about it, what if, can I, may be etc. Just go out and do it.

I know some women still prefer to see the man in the traditional role, dress etc. Thats fine if women did the same. but they do not. To all those men who want to wear skirts but cannot because of their partners, then I do feel sorry for you but then you must look at the bigger picture, as your issues go further than skirt wearing. Only you can decide this area, I'm fortunate that my wife is very open minded, fair and offords me the same respect and understanding as she gets from me. That is the strength of a good and solid friendship. Likewise with friends. When I told them none were negative and all have gone out with me publicly.

Just as it is for women who wish to dress and look more macho and ditch the percieved lower class status of skirts to a point many look very 'manly' it is not illegal for men to done a skirt.

Go out there and do it, and in public. The more of us who do it instead of just talking on the internet about it, then the more open it will be for all. As a person I still have the same likes and dislikes as I had before I wore skirts in public. My personality has become more relaxed and increasing the more I were skirts as at the end of the day I am reflecting the true me. The only alteration I have is that I am nowadays more confident with myself, in myself and I appear to stand taller.

I am becomeing me. Let yourselves become more you.

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